Thursday, May 05, 2005


im so tired... must goto sleep but tonight is going to be so much fun./there is going ot be so much drama. but you know what? i dont give a fuck im just gonna take it
check this out isnt this ninja?!? i have way to much time on my hands
Linksys router exploit

note:this only works on certain linksys routers

First thing you need to do is see if remote management is on,if it is,find out what port it is running on.(default port 8080)

Now lets say that remote management is on port 8080 and the ip is,open up your web browser and type the following(case sensitive)

if remote management is not on,try

if all went right you should be looking at the routers settings.Change whatever settings you want then apply them.this will only let you make changes to the index.htm page,if you want to change other settings change where it says index.htm to something else(e.g

How to get the routers password
note:I have not tried this a on remote router
Open a web browser,go to the Passwd.htm page for the router,View the source and look for

name=sysPasswd size=25 maxlength=63 value=123456>
in that example 123456 would be the password

How to get the victims isp login and pass(taken from
Go to the index.htm page for the router and look for

maxlength=63 value=USERS_ISP_LOGIN_HERE>

new look

hmm what yall think of my new look?? doesnt it make me look scary???
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Wednesday, May 04, 2005

below are some of my favorite security tools

john the ripper : a unix password cracker
KEYTRACK : one of the best os x keyloggers
HEXEDIT : the only hex editor i use! so its gotta be good
KISMAC : the only wifi auditing tools i use because it has a bomb crack function
DSNIFF :pretty flippin ninja packet sniffer
Nmap : one of the best if not the best port scanner
Apple Remote Desktop :what can i say,it has to be good if it is from apple.l0lz0r!
UNIX :cant live with out it!!!! i just love it!! cant get enuff it!!

The WarDrive home

same old same old booted up kismac,started itunes started listing to my ninja mixx. while i was listing to offset(there are awesome and are hella in my ninja mixx) i started to recolect every thing that has happend today, everything that has gone wrong and everything that has gone right. how my choices effect not only me but the masses. but hey this is why i spend so much time on the computer. what i do on my computers at only effects me but the internet is another story entirely..
i understand now... well not really, oh god dammit i dont know! well my life is in shambles well its not really any differnt than it was. i just want to be alone and not care about anything. in my life there is nothing that world can do for me. what ever i want i am going to do on my own. only the things that i have that truly belong to me is my mind. everything else can be taken from me. my girlfriend has my heart,my parents and the police have my freedom, the computer has my life......

well ive gotten alot done on my apple script that dumps the password hash then uploads them some were or sends them out in mail. all i have to finish is it how it uploads and what it uses to upload (SMB,FTP,SSH,TELNET,ect.) or i might just use mail to send it. just to many choices!!!!!! well right now im in the car on a network posting this.; )


Hmm life????? what is it??? what has this world come to when you cant even say what you want even tho it is own opinion. i created the Save Tyler from his lame dad group on myspace. even tho everything that i put on there is my opinion my friends father thinks he can do something about it by calling my parents and saying if i dont remove it he will take the next step. what the fuck is next step???if my memory serves me right Im not in the wrong. everything i posted is my opinion and what is there to do about it?? what has this world come to where i cant voice my opinion? have not all the leaps and bounds we have made in freedom of speech and social life. we do not live in some feudal japan or a communist russia. we are not silent we are the country that is called obnixious, out spoken and rude. we have laws in this country. i can say "i think our president is a homosexual" and not get in trouble because that is my opinion! because my mother is deafly afraid of the law she is forcing me to take down the myspace group... it it was my choice i would keep it up because i am not afraid of the law or his lame ass shit he gives me...

Tuesday, May 03, 2005


WOW. know wonder why i like computers so much?? they dont talk back they dont do anything wrong and they do what you tell them and never judge you or make a pre-bias opinnion about you. why cant we all just take a leDon'tssion from a computer (i would prefer OS X)
ok lets see here. if you were a parent and your son walked some were with a friend. would you get mad the your child's friend or you child?
your child because he is only responsible for him self no one else. well my friends father thinks i am the reason his son fucks up. when really his other friends are worse than me. me being a evil ninja i decided to make a Save Tyler Bertz from his lame dad group which can be found here

  • well anywho i have not don a lot today i just logged into a couple routers that i turned remote administration turned on when i got in to the routers. then i started a apple script that dumps the password hash then posts them some were for later retrieval.

    the morning wardrive

    this morning i was using kismac, i was in the car with my parents and i was in the back seat. we stopped at block buster and there were three open wireless networks. hmm what shall i do?? should i be a good law obeying citizen or get some free internet and set up and set up a couple proxies with those networks so my friends can use it to get around the schools firewall.what do you think i shall do?? to see the networks i found you can download a .kismac file. right click and save as
  • wardrive!